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Originally Posted by Farmhand View Post
I don't think that saucer is powered by the Tesla coil, we can see the
resonant receiver beside it and the effect of motor connected to it, it's hardly
turning. He has batteries in it I think. The others are powered by solar panels,
induction ect. It is possible the saucer is somewhat charged by the Tesla coil
but in my opinion it is not powered by the Tesla coil and it is a trick or he
would have proved it better. I also don't think it can work quite like that.
Lol, yeah maybe you're right. As far as the plates are concerned, how would you take off and land, because the distance would change. And I expect the plates would need to be pretty massive, would the plane itself even be big enough I wonder.

Does anyone know of any more information from Tesla besides the fact it was a part of the overall plan for the ideal system to power things?

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