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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
I'm stumped when it comes to flying. With big enough capacitances and receiving plates it's possible to get some power without any physical connection (and unmatched coils), but the power drops off very quickly using the grounded side as coil output. So I have no idea how he intended to do that. This video shows someone achieving flight, but we all know that if he moved further away from the coil then it would come crashing down to the ground.

Worlds's 1st wireless Flight of A Tesla Coil powered helicopter(no batteries) - YouTube

And I assume this thing is powered with the radiated (wasted) field (not to mention the construction is wrong but ignoring that). Then seeing as Tesla could bias the ground currents vs radiation depending on how it was set up, it doesn't look like that one transmitter would have been capable of doing everything he proposed all at the same time. Unless I'm missing something very important

I don't think that saucer is powered by the Tesla coil, we can see the
resonant receiver beside it and the effect of motor connected to it, it's hardly
turning. He has batteries in it I think. The others are powered by solar panels,
induction ect. It is possible the saucer is somewhat charged by the Tesla coil
but in my opinion it is not powered by the Tesla coil and it is a trick or he
would have proved it better. I also don't think it can work quite like that.

Tesla intended to power planes did he have that capability ? Or was it
something he envisioned and was planning to sort out the details later?

The planes (if they had no storage/accumulators) would need to draw a lot of
energy constantly or they would drop, if they had accumulators they would
only need draw energy at intervals. I don't think batteries in a plane are a
good idea though.

Tesla does show receivers with two aerial plates spaced at the correct
distance to give a potential difference. think that is the path to take for
aerial vehicles and cars could use a capacitive link to the ground maybe.

If two plates are placed at an odd multiple of the 1/4 WL distance apart then
they will show a potential difference which can power stuff.


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