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Originally Posted by dR-Green View Post
I'm stumped when it comes to flying. With big enough capacitances and receiving plates it's possible to get some power without any physical connection (and unmatched coils), but the power drops off very quickly using the grounded side as coil output. So I have no idea how he intended to do that. This video shows someone achieving flight, but we all know that if he moved further away from the coil then it would come crashing down to the ground.

Worlds's 1st wireless Flight of A Tesla Coil powered helicopter(no batteries) - YouTube

And I assume this thing is powered with the radiated (wasted) field (not to mention the construction is wrong but ignoring that). Then seeing as Tesla could bias the ground currents vs radiation depending on how it was set up, it doesn't look like that one transmitter would have been capable of doing everything he proposed all at the same time. Unless I'm missing something very important
Honestly I hadn't given it much thought until I related to the counter-space of the dielectric and how I see it the B-field rotation to a singularity.
In simpler terms, theoretically a perfect setup as Tesla more than likely designed do not radiate any hertzian waves, this would mean that a grounded counterpoise or at the least a single wire connection is no longer needed, a true wireless system comes into existence. The 'stress' if we call it that in the dielectric would be everywhere and everywhen, the ether would become the 'link' not sure if it's a conductor or collector but it would indeed be the 'link'. then anywhere a receptive antenna is put it would collect the 'signal' or power of the transmitter regardless of distance or spacial location. the receptive antennae connects to the transmitting antennae thru counter-space. The transmitter would need a ground if starting with a conventional TEM wave, an air to air setup would require the use of starting with an 'electrostatic' LD wave, much like the phenomenon of cloud to cloud lightning.