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Originally Posted by Kokomoj0 View Post
and whenever you have a moving charge you have an intrinsic magnetic counterpart. I have seen lots of talk around it but not direct on target.

So once you have a current you cannot get rid of its magnetic counterpart, the only thing you can do is absorb as much as possible back into the system.
If the B field is perpendicular to E field due to the geometry of the line it will always be that way. what is interesting to notice is that it can be manipulated but this requires creating a resonant wave with a geometry where the phase shift rotates the B field to a as I see it a singularity. once this occurs then you'll have a LM wave. the Extra coil is also a key feature in that it is a load and virtual termination point for the originating transverse wave at resonance, if the extra coil was not in place then any circuit added to the secondary would alter the resonant point and no pure longitudinal wave would be possible. I could be wrong but it's purely based on the effect of series circuits,the secondary coil starts the transformation and the extra coil magnifies the wave by being the end termination for the transverse wave to maintain resonance, if there is a load placed upon the circuit.