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Originally Posted by lamare View Post
You got that 100% correct, bro

He is using the water as the conductor.

That is why he using a boat and not a car on rubber wheels...
I've been thinking about this, we are all familiar with the counterpoise needed for wave propagation of hertzian fields, hence a ground. Tesla did indeed mention flying so that rules out an earth ground.

It may be a case of 'virtual' ground, but the ground is the ether, dark matter what ever one wants to call it, counterpoised against the dielectric in counter-space. If that is possible then it doesn't matter what your location is, I come to this theory due to the wave nature of matter. matter like the earth is a counterpoise to the dielectric and if matter is a wave function then we should theoretically be able to create a ground anywhere we like in space. also has implications as to what gravity is, it's not a matter of shielding gravity but altering the field effect.