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Originally Posted by lamare View Post
You got that 100% correct, bro

He is using the water as the conductor.

That is why he using a boat and not a car on rubber wheels...
Are you sure he's using the water as a conductor between transmitter and receiver, because I can't see any wires going into the water, and he explains the water as being the "return path to earth". That is, he is describing it in conventional terms. He's not saying the energy is coming in from the earth/water, he is saying it's returning to earth through the water?? Like a normal circuit. And in this case, why is his terminal capacitance sphere so high in the air? If it was working properly then he could make it a lot neater than that, no need to have a big mast on the boat sticking up in the air.

If he was "cheating" then he could use something like an AV plug and employ the water as a virtual ground, not needing any connection between transmitter and receiver. This way the water would be the "return" path like he describes.

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