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Hello Mad Scientist

Originally Posted by Mad Scientist View Post
When I originally designed this circuit it was meant to be use as a pulse width modulated signal for a motor speed control. As such I have used it with both P & N type fetís and it has worked well.
However there is no reason they cannot drive an opto-coupler. The chips output is an open collector transistor (emitter to ground) and able to carry 16 milliamp.
That is an awesome circuit!
Driving a motor on dual pulses instead of just one , normally an N Channel releases Radiant Energy at the Off Times, simultaneously on both ends...just that RE flows opposite, therefore wherever you had positive hot pulses, you will get negative radiant, and so negative hot will be carrying positive radiant...
Two simple diodes blocking Hot, will deliver back a higher percentage of RE...

Some say it is just "An Inductive Collector Circuit"...I have proven otherwise in previous videos...where it shows very clear there are Two Magnetic Fields there...opposite to each others, they both induce, one positively (Hot)...One Negative Induction (Cold Radiant)...

1-A "Motor Action" of a permanent magnet has been shown on video inside center of Coil...
2-An induced small coil has been illuminating "negatively connected" one and two LED's without ANY rotation of that small coil...
3-Now, I levitated a small magnet (UFO) with TWO LED's negatively connected to also a small coil fine wire and brightly lighting up...

Is it still a "Single Collapsing Field Story"?
Is still an "Inductive Collector Circuit"?

The purpose of the Opto Isolator is to avoid MOSFET's to feedback HV to signaling low voltage circuit, in case they go bad and short out Low V circuit Gate with Drain or Source...that's all.

I would like to send High Voltage Pulses to Coil with this square wave signaling.

I appreciate your help here, my friend!



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