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Originally Posted by wyndbag View Post
Ok so Kokomoj0 has profiled me and its probably true.... but just because my brain is a little on the soft side, I do have thoughts questions and possible ideas to float. Here is one I have not heard of yet but perhaps someone here has:

it seems like a great deal of time and energy is spent building things that pretty much do what all the other coil builders are doing, some better than others of course, but pretty much the same.

It seems to me that utilizing for instance single a high voltage power supply makes the whole process hit or miss. Why not utilize a regulated high voltage power supply off an old x-ray machine. That way the power can be tuned via the controls on the machine which typically controls the output as KV and MA. That way tuning can take place from the input as well as the output side. Anyone tried this?
nope that was a shot over Dollards bow who appears to be starting to take this seriously into left field. Log periodic antennas for petes sake have nothing "directly" in common with TMT unless you want to say you can use math in both cases.

Never in a million years did I think I would be forced to say something like that.