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Super Lightning

Originally Posted by Splitwater View Post
But, Lightning ignites the Hydrogen, which creates more expansion, pressure and explosions near the Earth vs. at high altitude!
Giant Lightning to Space

Super Lightning?? - Hypography Science Forums

Not much information about on super lightning but basically it is lightning that goes upwards from the clouds into space. The scientific establishment has kept this quiet for many decades. They first noticed it when airplanes flying above the cloud layers got hit by lightning and damaged or destroyed.

The reason is that lightning is caused by a high voltage charge imbalance between the ionosphere and the earth. This potential difference is somewhere in the region of 400,000 Volts up to millions of Volts with massive Currents:

Ionosphere - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Atmospheric electricity - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

However the PTB do not want you to know about it because it proves that the solar system is an electrical circuit. So you have a huge pressure difference measured in Volts between the Ionosphere (positive) and Earth (negative ground) and also a circuit going the other way Ionosphere (positive) and space ( negative ground).

Birkeland current - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Birkeland current - (The Plasma Universe Wikipedia-like Encyclopedia)

So you could in theory place a large mass in geostationary orbit around the earth and tether it to the ground using super strong carbon nanotubes and tap the electrical potential of the Earth's electricity system for free continuous power forever, as long as the Sun is burning and we have an atmosphere that is. But I don't bother talking about this because the PTB are the only ones with the technology to do it, and if they did do it they would still charge you for the priviledge, which is why I focus my research on systems you can control personally.


Adding this external link from one of the references in case you miss it:

Electric Currents

Dynamical Characteristics of Plasmas

It is the global dynamics and systematic interactions of astrophysical plasmas that allow energy to be conveyed over great distances. The evolution of cosmic plasma that includes its structuring into cells results in a relative motion, however slow, of plasma clouds whose dimensions may be measured in hundreds or megaparsecs or gigaparsecs. All plasma clouds may be considered a system: they are coupled by electrical currents (charged particles beams) they induce in each other. These beams are the source of energy transfer from large, slow moving plasma to smaller plasma regions that may release the energy abruptly or cause local plasmas to pinch to the condense state.
Power Generation and Transmission

On earth, power is generated by nuclear and nonnuclear fuels, hydro and solar energy, and to a much lesser extent, by geothermal sources and magnetohydrodynamic generators. Always, the location of the supply is not the location of major power usage or dissipation. Transmission lines are used to convey the power generated to the load region. As an example, abundant hydroelectric resources in the Pacific Northwest of the United States produce power ($\sim $1,500 MW) that is then transmitted to Los Angeles, 1,330 km away, via 800 kV high-efficiency dc transmission lines. In optical and infrared emission, only the load region, Los Angeles, is visible from the light and heat it dissipates in power usage. The transmission line is invisible.

This situation is also true in space. With the coming of the space age and the subsequent discovery of magnetospheric-ionospheric electrical circuits, Kirchoff's circuit laws were suddenly catapulted to dimensions eight orders of magnitude larger than that previously investigated in the laboratory and nearly four orders of magnitude greater than that associated with the longest power distribution systems on earth.

On earth, transmission lines consist of metallic conductors or waveguides in which energy is made to flow via the motion of free electrons (currents) in the metal or in displacement currents in a time varying electric field. Often strong currents within the line allow the transmission of power many orders of magnitude stronger than that possible with weak currents. This is because a current associated with the flow of electrons produces a self-magnetic field that helps to confine or pinch the particle flow. Magnetic-insulation is commonly used in pulsed-power technology to transmit large amounts of power from the generator to the load without suffering a breakdown due to leakage currents caused by high electric potentials.

There is a tendency for charged particles to follow magnetic lines of force and this forms the basis of transmission lines in space. In the magnetosphere-ionosphere, a transmission line 7-8 earth radii in length ($R_e$ = 6,350 km) can convey tens of terawatts of power, that derives from the solar wind-magnetosphere coupling. The transmission line is the earth's dipole magnetic field lines along which electrons and ions are constrained to flow. The driving potential is solar-wind induced plasma moving across the magnetic field lines at large radii. The result is an electrical circuit in which electric currents cause the formation of auroras at high latitude in the upper atmosphere on earth. This aurora mechanism is observed on Jupiter, Io, Saturn, Uranus, and is thought to have been detected on Neptune and perhaps, Venus.

Only the aurora discharge is visible at optical wavelengths to an observer. The source and transmission line are invisible. Before the coming of space probes, in situ measurement was impossible and exotic explanations were often given of auroras. This is probably true of other non in situ cosmic plasmas today. The existence of a megaampere flux tube of current, connecting the Jovian satellite Io to its mother planet, was verified with the passage of the Voyager spacecraft.

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