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patriotism = Cancer for society

Hi folks.
I couldn`t resist to not respond to this patriotic crap post at this topic by "patriot"
I do not know if it is a serious person or just a troll trying to get attention in these forums
or btw a high-paid person to distract what the serious researchers here
including me, are trying to do to liberate themselves from slavery.
patriot, if I was a staff member here you would already be banned without further notice.
No its not a joke.
I hate patriotism, it is like a fast-growing cancer in a human body.
That`s what patriotism is: A sure way to destroy civilizations.
You esentially adore a piece of cloth called flag which even poiliticians themselves
who made a promise to serve "their land" do not give a sh*t about it.
Let me ask you something: You were serving at the marine,right ?
Do you have your body as a whole yet ?
I mean your arms, your legs and etc are all ok ?
I tell you what actually you serve in reality:The Big Oil,fat guys
who have losed the number of their bank accounts,coz they have so much money, gold etc that you better start to investigate the case instead to just support them.
Oh, yes, I almost forgot: You are well paid by the Big Oil for serving them all these years
maybe, that`s why you support them.... Damn it
Congrats patriot : your kind of selfish people are succesfully killing mankind
Big Oil prices,Enormous Pollution creating hazards for people`s health,
Big drug prices,polluted foods;waters and loads of other evil things.

English is not my native language, otherwise I would write more info on patriotism.
Lamers=Money greed = patriotism = religions <- are the same thing
Someone explained exactly what patriotism is : It is a religion itself.
<< BP Ultimate + Shell-V Power + Allies (opec) = the Ultimate Power Aligators to Suck People`s Blood !-! >>
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