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Sorry friends, but I disagree with all you tree-huggers who don’t think national security is a good enough reason to protect certain technologies from falling into the wrong hands. As a submariner who just retired after 23 years in the Navy, I can tell you that if America ever goes to war against a country that has a respectable naval fleet, you will be damn glad we can sink ships faster and further away than the enemy! I am not at liberty to say what technology we do and don’t have, but I can assure you we have the best technologies known to man. So if you think green is more important than red, white, and blue, you might think differently when you see red on our shoreline. Read between the lines and stop *****ing about saving a few bucks in gas money. At least you have freedom to say, do, and drive what you please and high-technology guarantees you, me, and our grandchildren keep having choices in life.

BTW… the law ensures that the Department of Defense has preference over any and all technology as you can read for yourself at this link- Torpedoing "Submarine" Patents - Atkinson-Baker Court Reporters and this one- and this one too - 35 USC § 181 - Secrecy of certain inventions and withholding of patent | LII / Legal Information Institute And If you think China or Russia plays by different rules guess again and read this - REGULATION ON NATIONAL DEFENSE PATENT I think anyone who thinks differently is lacking basic patriotism.


Oh and wake up and smell the bull sh*t.

That is all.


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