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A Japanese patent containing key info of this kind of battery

Guys and Gals,
I found this obscure patent from Japan of a certain Thorium based battery. Maybe someone can retrieve the whole patent and translate the text of it?
Japanese Patent JP2006145350
Abstract: PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a small and safe battery capable of generating an electromotive force efficiently and stably.

SOLUTION: A conductive positive electrode body 1 formed of a metal sheet such as an aluminum sheet and an iron sheet, a carbon sheet sintered with carbon powder or the like, and a conductive negative electrode body 2 having conductivity as same as the positive electrode body 1 are arranged separately with a distance each other, and an isolation layer 3 comprising a porous cellulose membrane, synthetic resin film, glass fiber film or the like is arranged in a negative electrode body 2 side therebetween. An active substance layer 4 is arranged under a condition deposited on an inner face of the positive electrode body 1, in a positive electrode body 1 side of the isolation layer 3. The active substance layer 4 is formed by mixing a powder material of an actinoid substance such as actinium and thorium into a binder to be applied in one face side of the positive electrode body 1 opposed to the isolation layer 3. The electromotive force Ev is generated between the positive electrode body 1 and the negative electrode body 2 as a result thereof, and the battery is formed layer-likely as the whole, using energy of ionized electrons generated when the actinoid substance is α-decayed.

This has escaped the eyes of the MIBs of USA.
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