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Primary/Secondary Assembly Iteration #1

Secondary: Roughly 24 turns of RG316 ( on 13.74 inch diameter form, with wire spacing 0.120".

Primary: 1.5" wide Georgia Copper (2.71 grams/in specific weight), 1 turn on 13.74 in diameter, and ending with an additonal 3/16 turn on 13.24 inch diameter.

Center frequency: Theoretical 1.87Mhz, Measured 1.6Mhz, which just barely enters the AM band.

Test setup for measuring center frequency:
Input: 2.8V pk, sinusoid, 1.6Mhz, from a 50 ohm input impedance function generator source connected directly to the primary loop with mini-grabber test clips.

Output: 174V pk, sinusoid, with oscilloscope probe shunted directly across secondary. Probe is a 60Mhz bandwidth, 46 pF input capacitance, 10Meg ohm input resistance, cheapo ebay special, using a Tektronix TDS210 oscillscope. Secondary is very senstive and output characteristics change with objects moving 6-8 inches and closer to the coil.

I do have a basic python script for calculations, some emc2 g-code files for router manufacturing, conductor empirical measurements, and other associated files if anyone would like to use/modify.
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