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Now here are three interesting readings made by Edgar Cayce:

one showe the cycle of ages (indirectly )

READING: 440-5 HM 4
The records of the manners of construction of the firestone are in three places in the earth, as it stands today: In the sunken portions of Atlantis, or Poseidia, where a portion of the temples may yet be discovered, under the slime of ages of sea water - near what is known as Bimini, off the coast of Florida. And in the temple records that were in Egypt, where the entity later acted in cooperation with others in preserving the records that came from the land where these had been kept. Also the records that were carried to what is now Yucatan in America, where these stones (that they know so little about) are now - during the last few months - BEING uncovered. In Yucatan there is the emblem of same. Let's clarify this, for it may be the more easily found - for they will be brought to this America, these United States. A portion is to be carried, as we find, to the Pennsylvania State Museum. A portion is to be carried to the Washington preservations of such findings, or to Chicago. The stones that are set in the front of the temple, between the service temple and the outer court temple - or the priest activity, for later there arose (which may give a better idea of what is meant) the activities of the Hebrews from this -in the altar that stood before the door of the tabernacle. This altar or stone, then, in Yucatan, stands between the activities of the priest (for, of course, this is degenerated from the original use and purpose, but is the nearest and closest one to being found).

READING: 3528-1 HM 1
Entity was in the land of the present sojourn, during the early activities of a peoples that had been banished from Atlantis. The entity was among those of the second generation of Atlanteans who struggled northward from Yucatan, settling in what is now a portion of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio; being among those of the earlier period known as Mound Builders. Then the entity was among those who supplied to the peoples the fruits of the soil, learning how to crack corn, wheat and grain, that it might be prepared into foods through cooking -though much in those periods was taken raw.
ALSO IN: Social, Religious, Political, Legal
READING: 1922-1 HM 6 or HM 1 (loose 1922 )
Entity in the Atlantean experience, when there were many changes being wrought by those peoples - especially soon after the first sinking or disappearing of that land. The entity was then among those peoples who aided in the exploiting of those changes between those of the fields and those of the cities. The entity, then in power, lost much through the experience, gaining only in the latter portion when it became one of those that went to the western lands for the building up of same. Hence we will find the entity is an American through and through!

Celestial Intelligence = Entity

Signs and symbols rule the world, not words nor laws. -Confucius.
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