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Soldering Copper

Originally Posted by jake View Post
Does anyone have tips for soldering 14ga solid to 1/2" copper pipe?

Do you wrap the wire around the pipe and solder all the way around or just solder ~1/2" however???

Still trying to calculate MKLC. Watching SFTS videos again this time taking notes.

@ mad

What do you mean by manifold?
Hi Jake,

To solder together thick pieces of solder , an ordinary soldering iron just does not provide enough heat as the heat gets dissipated into the thicker material too easily.
Use a propane torch -like what plumbers use to solder copper pipe fittings.
Also , make sure that the copper pipe is lightly sanded at the area you want to soldered -to get rid of the oxidization---or use that flux paste plumbers use to help clean off the oxidization while it's being soldered . Good luck--[I] hope this helps.

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