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Standard physics to the extent that I have surveyed it seems to have ended with Dr. Feynman and QED. Feynman undoubtedly capable of formal calculations wound up inventing Feynman diagrams to simplify things. Eric D. has made a similar sort of suggestion somewhere of making up a new sort of math to try to tackle his problems.

Tesla seemed to work mainly from intuition which was fine as far as his inventing went, but it does not help others who are less intuitive or insightful carry on his work.

Eric D seems to be attempting to synthesize Tesla, Steinmetz and Heaviside ...
which is all fine and good...but how many genius kind of people have the background and or the ability to tackle such a load?

I respect and honor anyone who can take on such heroic lifting and can only stand on the sidelines and hope to see the fireworks unfold. Thanks for your efforts.