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Talking about rhombus:

remembered that it was mentioned in the doc Hidden in plain Sight as the Male side of the vesica piscis

and recognize the following geometric figure:

from Hexagon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

linked to A (nonplanar) skew regular hexagon, within the edges of a cube

also: Stellation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Stellation is a process of constructing new polygons (in two dimensions), new polyhedra in three dimensions, or, in general, new polytopes in n dimensions. The process consists of extending elements such as edges or face planes, usually in a symmetrical way, until they meet each other again. The new figure is a stellation of the original.

see also painting the Origin of the world discussed previously'Origine_du_monde (hint Concave Hexagon = female genital )

Artist Gustave Courbet
Year 1866 = 9 3 = HM 3
Type Oil on canvas
Dimensions 46 cm 55 cm (18 in 22 in ) = HM 1 * HM 1 / HM 9 * HM 4
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