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One more info:

Dr Paul E. Dobler : Physical & Photographic Proof of Radiation from the Earth:

Dr. Paul E. Dobler of Heilbronn, Germany discovered that turbulent water emits powerful bursts of energy (see also V. Schauberger ) in the millimeter electronic wave band. Turbulent motion of water generates millions of vortexes which act as energy transmitters.

This energy waveband was once called the X-band by physicists as it included the range from the infrared light band to the edge of the microwave radio band. It was called the X-band because no one could differentiate specific frequencies in this band. These energies have very interesting properties.

Dr. Dobler discovered that energies in this waveband could cause certain metallic crystals to emit photons of light which will expose certain tpes of chromatic film. Dr. Dobler made interferometers, resonators, and other devices that could accurately measure the wavelengths emitted by water.

He was also able to measure millimeter wavelengths that are emitted by crystals and magnets. The exact techniques used by Dobler are described in his two books: Biophysikalische Untersuchungen uber Stralung der Materie, Wunchelrute, Elecktrische Wellen (Biophysical Experiments on the Radiation of matter, Divining Rods, Electric Waves, 1939) and Physickalischer und Photographischer machweis de Erdstrahlen Losung des Problems der Wunschelrute (Physical and Photographic Proof of Radiation from the Earth, 1934). Unfortunately this great scientist's work was lost for many years due to the destruction of scientific libraries in Germany during WWII.

These waves were also photographed in 1898 by Dr Gustav LeBon in France. His experiments are described in his masterpiece, The Evolution of Matter (1909). Dr. LeBon used energized zinc sulfide plates to make these photographs. When zinc sulfide is exposed to bright light it glows in the dark. When it is exposed to infrared and millimeter waves, these waves extinguish the photon emission of the zinc plate. By focusing these waves by means of special devices, photographs can be taken through walls. Both LeBon and Dobler were able to demonstrate the power of these waves to penetrate all physical matter such as wood, earth and stones. These waves are, however, powerfully absorbed by water...
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