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Originally Posted by Nhopa View Post
This is fantastic what you have accomplished. While theories are important it is a successful experiment what is the topping on the cake. Interesting to note that you have used the flat spiral coil form in your set-up. Tesla was very found of these type of coils and probably for a good reason. In the book "The Fantastic Inventions of Nikola Tesla" there is a picture of Tesla sitting front of a flat spiral coil over 2 meters in diameter and about 91 turns of wire. I would like to show the picture but I am not sure if it would not violate copy rights.
But going back to your experiment, it will give us, fellow experimenters, the needed assurance that Eric's 'crystal" radio works. It would help us a lot if you could make a sketch of your set-up to show how much does it deviate from the published circuit. Do you think that an improved grounding system would increase the performance? Did you get to the point where you started to "blow" the 1N34 diodes?
Thank you But just to be clear, I'm using my own power source upstairs for this experiment, not the radio station. I don't think I'll be able to light up LEDs from the radio station power because the coil isn't built properly for it, so the point of this was to get a better idea of how it would or "should" work. I thought it would be easier if I'm using a "known" power source, starting close range and then extending it. So then I know where it works and when it stops working and needs adjusting etc.

But then at the same time I'm not sure that the fact it is working off the same central heating system is a good sign in this case. That suggests to me that instead of the energy going into the earth, it's coming into another coil, and enough of it to power LEDs, so it's "easier" to light the LEDs than to go into the earth?? So that implies I need better grounding. And I suppose that also works in the opposite direction, that better grounding would lead to better reception of the radio station. Certainly no diodes blown from the radio signal yet, and I didn't spend long using them with my own power source with an LED load because I wasn't happy with the fact that to get the best output I had to connect the "antenna" lead directly to the top of the secondary.

I know the picture you mean, I think there's 3 different pictures of that coil and he has a different winding configuration in each one. In one of them it looks like he has an extra coil type of thing for the spiral as well, not only the Colorado Springs setup. Not sure if it actually is an extra coil though. I read somewhere Tesla mentioning that he preferred a flat spiral for transmitting "signals", and the 3 coil arrangement for transmitting power. I don't know if there's any "practical" reason for this, besides the fact that for power transmission you'd have to use "no higher than 20-35kHz", and making a flat spiral for that frequency would be quite a lot of work. So it might just be easier to do the 3 coil setup for that reason? That's my guess. It might be worth making a flat spiral and a 3 coil setup for the same frequency to compare things.

I'll make a diagram of how things are set up in that video anyway. It's already in one of Eric's diagrams posted here but I'll draw it exactly according to all the connections used so there's no confusion. Back shortly

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