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really now

Btw, can you show some Examples from this Laws what makes it possible to cover up the 'unwanted' Inventions?
I think, its may an interesting Read and maybe useful for some further Discussions.[/QUOTE]

a young boy of 16 Patrick Flanagan invented a direct to brain connection device that bypassed any need for ears or thier aparatus. This means any deaf person could hear using the device. He is shown on the cover of Life or Look magazine showing 100 inventors of America around 1966 the Aug edition. I may have forgotten the correct year or month. His patent was siezed by the American Government for 20 + years by use of the National Security acts. He spent many years in court trying to get the right to build his patent. Phi Sciences*::*Neurophones
You may contact him about this at his site where he does not sell the device neurophone anymore just the replacement pads. Perhaps he can explain to you about conspiracies?
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