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Hi and EYECU

Nah. That is all only Conspiracy Theory.
At last we still got always again Peoples with the Dream of being rich and famous.
We also got enough smart Guys what know scientifically that such a Device is impossible,
or "uh oh, when Energy is provided from somewhere, it has to be taken from anywhere, uh oh, that is dangerous".

But i actually dont wonder alot anymore about such Supressions, because a few Subsidiaries from the Government cry for Green Energy, but let at the other Hand pass through the whole Supressions from HHO Developement and research into this Directions,
even where HHO is may not the most simplest Technology.
Seems there are indeed not much Information anymore about this Guy on the Web, they did do a good Job to wipe out anything about it.
There are still a lot other Inventions what all are supressed and seems the complete Informations about the Devices are only incomplete, and afterwards no further research into the Directions happens. Oppsosite, when you look for Discussions about unusual Technology, you mostly find a Wall of Wannebe-Debunkers at the opposition.

As a Sidenote, when you now think about it, what could have changed with such Technology and how the World would look like, then you have to stay calm and not be violent, even when the certain Groups with her own Interests use all kind of Violence to supress the Technologies.
I dont think, its all from the Gouvernment, just look where the Money goes to, and it does not only end at the Hands from couple from our Politicans.
It looks like the Gouvernment or the certain Groups with her Interests teach you ALL the Things, what you should NOT do, what THEY DO.
Theorizer are like High Voltage. A lot hot Air with no Power behind but they are the dead of applied Work and Ideas.
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