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Sorry for the triple posting (slow thread eh)


I've now got 3 plates strung up from the ceiling, all connected and leading down to the work table using a former mains lead, that was split down the length into 2 pieces of wire.
That connects to 2x1N4148 arranged as an AV plug.
They connect to a 1000uF 25V capacitor and the positive leg is isolated from the input by another 1N4148.
No ground is used.
It takes a woeful 20 minutes to fill that cap to 0.6V.
However, when it has done, I can connect an LED blocking oscillator and off it runs
The cap then depletes at approx 1mV per second, so more capacitance and AV plugs need to go on the system.

This is completely free power - forever - made from junk and only at ceiling height.

Leave the system alone overnight and already you can see that some usable energy will come through.
I'm quite sure that with a better and cleaner setup and using the Ascanius circuits properly, that much better results can be achieved.
But, the 1N4148's will work.

Here are my simple messy plates. If I can get results like this, from these, then surely it spurs you fellas on

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