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Nuclear Thorium Plasma Battery Victim of Technology Suppression?

Well... First I was shocked and then angry. I then grew furious and finally outraged! Why? Just remember this story the next time you are at a petro station filling up your tank... While the whole damn world is addicted to oil, the American and Russian governments are using a battery that can safely power our cars for over a decade without a single recharge! At first I thought this might be a hoax or a clever ad to grab my attention, but after spending only 30 minutes on Google, I realized where there is smoke there is probably fire! Here is the link that ignited my curiosity...

Thorium Plasma Battery Technology - Wrongly Top Secret? - Green Energy Reports - Open Salon

Then I started following the links in the article and then shared it with my husband who wasted no time in reminding me that George Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rica and that whole Republican gang are shoulder deep in the oil industry! These incredible batteries are very compact and can be made in any size, and one inventor ran his entire house for over a year on a battery the size of a shoebox (Google "Dimitri Petronov", "inventor," "Battery") and American inventor used his battery to power a car for 13 months before he disappeared. See this link...

Plasma Battery Inventors Disappearing Regularly *|* Peak Oil News and Message Boards

Then I read the Zimbio link in the National Science Foundation link and realized the U.S. Navy and NASA have been using this battery for over five years already! This is exactly what the world needs to eliminate coal plants and reduce global warming and those selfish morons at the Pentagon are keeping under wraps for their war toys! We found references to the battery being used in satellites and "super long range torpedoes". I think this battery would do the world a lot more good if we installed it the 4 billion cars an trucks driving around than inside a few hundred torpedoes that may never be used.

We then found a link offering a $10 million reward for a plasma battery and when we followed the link, we discovered the inventor's family have not heard from him in over a year. Like the internet links, he also just disappeared. Apparently a Harvard genius professor was writing about this technology as far back as 1998 (see attached file by Dr. Khanna).

My husband became intrigued since he is an electrical engineer and he found several references to "nuclear battery breakthrough" from 2006 to 2009 but all the links he found went to pages that were code "404" or "The page you requested was removed". Then we found a patent and a drawing of a plasma battery designed by Aries M. DeGeus and the following week it too was gone - just vanished! We can find stuff on the original RTG technology but very little on the new batteries that theoretically can live longer than people! Why does this have to be such a big secret? What the hell is going on? Is Uncle Sam so selfish with warfare technology that even information about the technology has to be deleted from public view? This battery should be in every cell phone, every laptop, every car, every truck, every ship, every home etc. My hubby says that if it could be made large enough it could be plugged into a power grid and we'd never need to use a coal plant again. Just think what that would do for the air we breathe and our environment in general.

So, being a post graduate law student, I started to research the law about this IP concealment and this is where we got screwed friends. There are laws that give the U.S. and U.K. governments the right to basically seize any technology they like, seal the patent files, and do whatever they want with the technology! Do a Google Search on "Technology Suppression" and "Project Orion" and you will be blown away. I have attached some related stuff I found on the internet.

Scientifically, plasma is the fourth state of matter, a mix of gas and liquid and plasma energy is exactly what is contained in a lightning bolt. My husband says there is enough electric power in a single lightning bolt to power Chicago for 6 hours. Imagine that someone figured out how to store this kind of power in a battery, and only the military can use it! Outrageous!!!!

I think the scientific community and academia need to partner up with a high-power law firm to expose this obvious collusion with the oil industry. It is keeping us hostage to the oil at inflated pump prices.
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