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Here's a 10 minute thing that anyone can do.
Take a piece of metal (1ftx1ft), string it up to ceiling height but insulated from everything but the string.
Connect an AV plug of 2x 1N4148 diodes to the lead you have coming off the plate.
I was quite shocked.

370mV @ 4uA, with leaps up to 1.6V randomly, every few seconds!

Am now building a few sets of simple AV plugs, which will lead to a storage cap.
Then to link up the metal plates in a box like fashion, for the cap plate aerial idea.

...a few minutes later
Sure enough, the counter intuitive thinking is demonstrated.
With 2x AV plug to the same wire, we may expect to see exactly the same reading, but, nope.
0.435V, with spikes to 1.9V
Still not enough uA to drive even a good blocking oscillator, but kinda weird and very interesting.

Combining the AV plug duo, with the Ascanius Module, a constant 1.070V is being seen. Nothing for uA yet of use.

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