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Got a couple more germaniums, but they are on radio circuits, otherwise, i'm out !
Was a great find on the tape player with 4 of them. Got the rest of the bits in junk components, So, will add to this one when finances change.
If there is even 0.1V and 10uA per Module, then the potential is seen, literally. The Module farm shown in a link above really appeals as something to make.

I've now amassed some more plates and they'll be put to work, trying the capacitor idea. A few side panels from old computer towers and the cover case from the tape player (lol). The idea, is to put them back to back and examine distances between....if there is a capacitive effect then it could be a winner for space saving too. I'm thinking along the lines of an air tuner on the old crystal sets.
The panels are painted at the moment and I wonder if that counts as insulation. Different metals may work best with different distance between. Clingfilm wrap is to be applied, to see if that makes a change.

I used the hanging aerial plate and the bettered earth ground on a crystal radio and got KRMG out of Tulsa yesterday lol, 30 miles distant and clear. It'll also bring in religious shows from Tennessee at it's similar to the 100ft of 22 gauge wire I had strung outside between 2 trees. Safer too by being in the house.
First aim, is to bring in enough to power a 1Volt radio circuit, out to a normal speaker. Simple goal as a start. Having just 1 Module will allow the tuning of that to the best output and make future ones that I add more efficient by doing so
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