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Originally Posted by Slider2732 View Post
My first 'Module' is up and running
Scored 4x 0.196V drop germaniums and they were how I could make it. Sorting through junk, I found a 1970's tape player and, sure enough, they used germaniums in the pre-amp section.
Aerial is the plate on top of the arcade machine, so only about 6ft high. Connection is a ridiculously woeful 22 gauge strand of wire.
but, My outside Ground is better now. Have added a steel piece to the tube and then hammered it as far into the earth as possible. Only about 2ft total, but, with being tubular, means I can add to the top if more tube metal can be found.
The connection from that is much better, i've used coax.

Readings are only a start, but there are readings at least lol.
And a strange phenomena
I only get about 50mV and 10uA constant.
However, if I set the meter to read amperage on the mA scale, then leave the meter like that for approx 1 minute, I can switch back to voltage and see around 3V. The 3V then slowly depletes over about a minute.
So, does the thing need a slight draw to run ? to pull the energy through the system ?

Anyway, here's a pic of the Module and am now off to uprate the aerial and connections

Shorting the 22 gauge link to the galv steel increased voltage to 120mV
The satellite dish produced a constant 170mV
A 1 meter per side V shaped TV aerial, sat on my work table, produced 30mV
So, something changes, based on aerial type, elevation, wire link. Mere confirmation and good to see

*Update 2*
This is really interesting.
I changed to a hanging aerial setup temporarily. The steel base of a microwave was suspended in my gameroom, using an old power cord. All else the same.
The reading went up and down around 30mV and about 2uA.
But, the reading was going up and down, so obviously there's leakage back into the standard circuit.
A FWBR was made, consisting of 4x1N4148 diodes.
instantly, my readings of voltage went up to 1.640V !
However, get this, put any load at all on it and the voltage drops off again
So, I put one of Lidmotor's 'Penny' LED oscillator circuits on, which fires at almost exactly 0.400V and about 10uA.
The voltage rose and slowed as it neared 0.400V. At 0.397V or so, the voltage would go up, then back down and all around, never getting to 0.400V.
Putting a 0.650V drop diode on the positive to the 'Penny', saw the voltage go up steadily, til it slowed at around 0.645V and then it never quite got to 0.650V !
Hi Slider

How many of the modules do you have?
in reading over Patrick's he has several modules put together in series...anymoany are you working with???
Because I am doing these radiant experiments at the house, the BOSS wants me to follow Carroll's advise(although I would anyway) and use a lightning rod. so that is on hold til my step son stops by to install it.
That being said I am going forward and building the modules once I get the parts. A few years back I worked with earth batteries and got similar results as with the radiant collectors I had at the time. So I am also wondering if I can use these modules with earth batteries as well

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