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Quick brainstorm anyone?

Originally Posted by TREX View Post
Having a pair of imaginary roots, plus j Gamma and minus j Gamma

It is however that the JJ Thompson Longitudinal Dielectric Motions cannot have a periodic solution, there is one energy only, dielectric. This needs to be resolved.

There are four distinct forms of energy stored in a winding,
Magnetic Pair:

L, Leakage Inductance, Henry The big magnetic fields that push our motors?

M, Mutual Inductance, per Henry Energy stored in counterspace/innerspace?

Dielectric Pair:

C, Leakage Capacitance, Farad The field created by an electro static geretator, or in a vacuum capacitor?

K, Mutual Capacitance, per FaradEnergy stored in counterspace/innerspace?

are the blue discriptions correct???

Is it fair to say that if you can oscillate L and C in "space", you can oscillate M and K in "counterspace"??? If so what is happening to M and K on a standard run of the mill teslacoil?

Seems to me they would be stuck/saturated?

@ lamare, and EPD

What if "counter/innerspace" was bounded? Would there be a "Hard Knock" or unelastic bump, when you run out of "room" in counterspace? Then...... a large "splash" into space? Just a thought. Might help with JJ Thompson motions by putting an end to the peroid.
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Thanks for that last post. I will never be able to get the notion of snaping electric lines out of my mind when I think of radiation. I have a friend who tests dirt for radiation. You should see the periodic table of the decaying elements. He has a wall sized poster at the office.

Also do you have all your posts saved in another format or in one place?

I would like to take another look at them. I am a more familiar with the symbols and meanings. Erics videos helped alot with that. Wish there was a lecture of everything he scipped over in last videos.

Any takers?