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Nice little circuit and very interesting to see that the other stalwart around here of the MPSA06 didn't produce results like the venerable 2N2222A.
I built up something similar this afternoon and used a S9014. But, no joy yet. It intrigues me when something works or doesn't....hats off for finding a transistor that did !

milliwatts...million watts ! 1 million watts per room ! I sure hope to illuminate with all that energy lol

But really, much can be done when you start with HV, where an LED shouldn't even light up
A grey toroid of 1 1/4" and connected differently, lights a neon fine and i'm exploring that for running an exciter etc too. It has less winds, 1000 secondary of 30 gauge, 36 turn primary of 30 gauge. It again had to be tuned up by increasing/decreasing Primary winds, to run from 1.86mA and 1.3V from a solar panel under the CFL lamp.
Will post the circuit of that ASAP, the Positive connects to 1 wire, not the Primary/Secondary pair.
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