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The Electron, CP Steinmetz Point of View

I was doing some reading through the General Electric Review Volumes 14-16 and came across an interesting article by Mr. Steinmetz Electrical Disturbances & the Nature of Electrical Energy which talks about the Aether theories of the time, Electrons and electric waves. I found the section he wrote on electrons to be an interesting perspective, and I thought it might be of some interest here.

Mr. Steinmetz's point of view of the electron actually makes sense to me. The notion that the electron is being directed and its motions determined by the lines of dielectric induction is ironically what I had come to the conclusion of before reading the article. It would make sense that there are more "free" negative-terminals of dielectric induction as there is an abundance of so called free-electrons in most conductors. He goes on to point out an interesting and almost non-existant topic of free POSITIVE-terminals of dielectric induction via so called positive-electrons, or in the case of radioactive matter helium atoms. Some food for thought.


General Electric Review Volume 15 1912

CP Steinmetz - Electrical Disturbances & the Nature of Electrical Energy, Pages 5-12 (pages 10-12 are shown above)

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