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It works. You can count on that. We just need a better switch than the MJL's to handle the spikes. Mosfetts will do that, so I'm sure you can expect something from Matt the first chance he gets. I'll be trying it myself tomorrow, since I have a box of Mosfetts sitting there doing nothing and time on my hands. We shouldn't be waiting around for Matt, we should be trying things on our own and providing HIM with information so he has better ideas which directions to look. So order yourselves some big resistors and a few Mosfetts and join the party.

I have this bad habit of copying and pasting bits of information under topic headings in my files and I ran across this piece of info off the forum. I keep thinking about how it would apply here or COULD be applied here..
"What i wanted to do was take advantage of the inductive spike because it does not seem to loose strength as it travels through a conductor unlike normal hot current. I also noticed that depending on the load after the extra inductor, dictates how much current is generated in that inductor. The other thing to think about is, the extra inductor now also produces it's own inductive spike from the main inductive spike without any waste. When the main spike creates a dipole across the coil in series with the charge battery, current flows, creating a magnetic field in the extra coil. The spike is a very fast pulse with a nice sharp off so there is time for the field to collapse creating another spike and it seems to be free of charge because the charge battery sees all of it as if the inductor was never there "

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