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interesting thread! I just watched the intro video. "the friend" operating his. wow. does that come with an operators manual?

bizzare effect indeed.

@FRC you say you burnt out your cfl circuits? i recently did a 6V 300mA ac adapter 555 oscillator that worked quite nicely and should provide you with good cfl lighting on this unit, if in fact your scanner driver was of the right load, etc. no costly parts no centre tap needed. less juice than the scanner circuits too, if i recall they were about 300 mA. I wonder if you could somehow create iron plates to build a stable "dead battery" replacement, high impedence using SO2 binds in monodentate fashion that'd kind of look like a bob boyce cell when you were done.
Alberta is under attack...

Has anyone seen my Bedini Ceiling Fan that pushes the warm air down, and charges batteries as an added bonus? Me neither. 'Bout time I made one!!!!! :P

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