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lightning rod

Hi Bizzy,

Yes I definitely believe a lightning rod would be a benefit to protect your buildings. I wonder if it would have any effect on what you are trying to collect though. I don't have any experience in trying to collect radiant energy with collector plates or an antenna so I don't know if a lightning rod might detract from the energy you are trying to collect. I do know the lady I told you about earlier never called again about anymore problems after I put up the pole at the back of her house. I believe the pole acted as a lightning rod. The theory behind the lightning rods as I understand it is the lightning rod keeps bleeding off the charges of the air so they don't get high enough to allow a massive discharge like a bolt of lightning. That idea is the reason they have sharp points because this helps to bleed off the charges. I do know there is an old farm house on the very top of a hill across the field from my house about a tenth of a mile and I don't believe that house has ever been hit since they put the lightning rods on it many many years ago. If it has been hit the lightning rods must have protected it. It is easily the highest structure around so I do believe they really work.

I was a volunteer firefighter for 26 years and saw several houses that had been set on fire by lightning strikes so I know the risk is very real. By the way the old myth that a fire started by lightning can't be put out is just a myth because I have helped put out a lot of them.

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