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100k V.r.

Originally Posted by bbem View Post
Thanks for your swift reply.
I am using a variable resistor (multi turn) of 100k.
Was thinking that I needed to use a specific frequency.
My guess is I need to find the answer in the proper choice of MosFET and diodes.
Hello Bbem,

Ok, a 100k linear not the "audio" type...
And if you use that resistance value, then you should play with higher than 1K end resistors between V.R...
I will give you a hint...but please do not tell anyone here...

I use trimmers (small variable resistors, board mounted) as the resistors side to side of V.R Pot...and I adjust them at the right resistance, before turning ON the system!!...BUT NEVER below 1K!!...or you will blow the 555 IC...

I mentioned this "hint" in a previous post...there are no secrets here.


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