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Thanks Carroll
Yes, lightning wouldn't see a wooden roof, great point.
Also the spark plug method. Comical if the plug didn't work in a car and yet worked fine in this. Guess you'd only get one chance and so the plug would have to be known to 100% work !

I had a safer idea, just to try the module circuit. We have a satellite dish on one outside wall, left there by the previous owners. It still has a few meters of coax running into the house. Hmmm, place the circuit at halfway between the dish and ground and see if anything happens.

A question on radiant aerials. These two plates of mine are actually joined at the moment, the galv steel was a long rolled up piece of a few meters when I found it. So i've folded what's left in the middle.
I'm thinking a 90 degree arrangement of the two, like coils in some crystal receivers maybe, but for diversity of reception. Direction would appear to be a factor, up to the sun, down to earth, left or right for radio say.
Would 1 piece offer more collection (so not to cut it?).How are folks thinking of placement ? The Tesla patent shows a vertical directional plate.

Also, how about the 2 pieces face each other, separated by a small distance and with clingfilm wrap to insulate them. Would that be a capacitor ?

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