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Follow up

Quartz which is the part of all materials of the pyramid, has hexagonal and trigonal modification. It forms different colour of particles, granular crystals, aggregates and continuous masses. Rock crystal, amethyst, topaz consists of quartz and other minerals. Quartz is widely applied in radio engineering as possesses with many remarkable properties, including bright expressed direct and reverse piezoelectric effect. This effect is used in the piezoelectric converters of mechanical and acoustic vibrations in electric, and back. Resonators, generators, modulators and others radio engineering devices are known which use unique properties of quartz and other crystal substances are known Salts (stone; seignette table salt) are crystal substances. Unusual properties of seignette salt are known for a long time, and table salt (sodium chloride, colourless crystals) possesses, as it is known, rather various and unusual properties, including such which are used in medicine for treatments, and in everyday life, for preservation of products. Besides, recently the new unusual ("laser") properties of table salt have been found .

According to mass-media, the group of researchers one of the american laboratories has found , that under the influence of a shock wave crystals of dielectric are capable to radiate the coherent ("co-ordinated") light, which unique source before lasers were considered. A source of coherent radiation in a range of frequencies from 1 to100 terahertz that corresponds to infra-red part of spectrum, it has appeared (even at simple stirring) usual table salt.

Salt (presumably table ) covers walls and ceiling of ALCh, and also ceiling of RC-5. About appointment of the salt covering it was not possible to find any assumption. But, considering that crystal substances are widely used in radio engineering and laser technics, and also taking into account the new ("laser") effect which has been found for table salt, such covering can be quite include in athe pyramid, if it consider as the radio engineering device.
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