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I have 2 plates at the moment sat on top of an arcade machine, they are doing some collection for radio projects. But, I intend to put them in the attic, too much lightning here to think of putting them out in the backyard !
Of galvanized steel and approx 2ftx3ft each, I was wondering the best ways of connection, so am happy to see your post Bizzy, which is more than the standard energy collector info we may see.
Though, relevance is to be had in Jake's great thread, about his crystal radio project.
Am thinking of that an idea with no 8 gauge laying about ?
Also, being short of baseball bat type pipes here for burying in the ground, I have an idea of using a steel plate from the bottom of a microwave oven, but have the thought that it's too small ? Otherwise, i've had good results from a 2ft steel 2" diameter pipe hammered into a spot near the house, where rain collects.

Oh, here's a circuit you may like, radio reception is great and, with the proper amount of turns and crystal radio tricks, could run from the initially collected energy, to ramp up output: CIRCUIT: 11/28/10 (bottom of page).
If linked to the Ascanius circuit, we may find some useable results.....I changed the above circuit to use a Sziklai pair (similar to Darlington) and can drive a 3" 3W speaker to listenable levels now. Transistors are S9014 NPN and A733 PNP, both found everywhere on especially telephony or radio related junk circuitboards.

Your 200nF's can be found on the power supply sections of CRT monitors
I first noted them when I thought they were relays.
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