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Davids Setup

Hey guys

As promised a video of the setup I am running. I will post a follow up video after a 5 hour test. This one has been running since 11:00 am this morning and I will run it till 4 pm. By the time the video uploads it will be around 6 pm my time.

I left switch off but I am sure now it needs it. The voltages are dropping a bit more than I would like to see but the batteries still may recover completly.

Also the resistor is 1/2 ohm 200 watt (2 1 ohm 100 watt in parrallel).

I will try to get a back charge system built sometime over the weekend and show you how you can back charge the batteries, and still run a load. Right now I am burning all the extra power from the generator off. Which is OK considering I ran last night 3.5 hours and lost onlt 1/100 out of 1 battery. That very well may be temprature related.

Like I said I'll post follow up later.

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