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Originally Posted by madhatter View Post
Here is where hyperbolic algebra come in, Alexander Macfarlane has some very good books on hyperbolic and elliptical algebra. useful eq. for adapting to the coils can be found in Kennelys work as he does utilize Steinmetz and Heaviside's operators making it easier to cross reference his work.

the complex quantities notes of Steinmetz are also very helpful in explaining the j operator and power of the square root of -1.
Thats where I am having trouble. I need to study.

So if all the adapting and math is down would it be able to calculate "values" for C,K,L,M and thier ratios at any point during the cycle of a TRT??? <---Please answer pretty please.. any one. What are the roadblocks?

That would help enormously in tuning the setup. It's almost impossible to tune three coils with 4 parameters that are changing without having either a solid math foundation or a natural ability to feel what you are doing. I'm working with the former at the moment. I'm not thinking about numbers; just C,K,M,L and what they are doing at every spot in the setup at every point in the cycle and and how I can add, reduce, and change their "rate".

Am I talking jibberish? or just a few months behind.
currently rewatching video 3 of the SFTS.

Also regarding the surface area aspect... Don't give up on mass just yet. Tesla's use of the word "stout" appears in lots of primaries.

My primary was calculated to 3m by 8.4cm by 0.1mm for a grand total of 26.4 cm^3.. Does that sound stout to you?
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