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the last developments sound really interesting.
I have tried two identical 12 to 18 Volt dremel tools. connected them very simply by putting a drill in one of the chucks and clamping the other chuck to it. I never could get more than 7 to 8 volts out of the one that ran as a generator. It lit up my car lamp though, so there must have been some current. what is the output Voltage you are getting on your generator side? Can you charge both primary batts at once?
Will try the idea to drain the dead battery first. And if I can get a decent motor I will try Matts system, too.

I have tried a Bedini run off the two positives and it charged a fourth battery nicely while not putting too much of a drain on the primaries. Have not done any measurements yet.
This is really interesting!

Great work and happy experimenting

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