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Great, I am very glad!

Originally Posted by thugugly View Post
hi netica,

use your circuit from rmcybernetics, just isolate the fet with it's own powersupply. I'm using a jfet from a projection tv, rated at 72 amps and 500v, .15us., I built circuit for my Don Smith attempt,

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I built your circuit and it lit four 125 volt neons very brightly, a placed a 10 nf, 400v cap on cold side of diodes and it was much stronger.
5.2 watts ( 10.4 v, .5a) input, (380v, .003a)1.14 watts on cold side. But the cool part is it lights on the cold side very brightly, I fried one by itself.

I do not have a scope (yet), sorry.
I only have red neons so I can't make out the purple glow.

tried a silver core with two rolls of silver dimes but not much different maybe a little better light.

Will try your double coil next, and I will get a fan motor to try.

Also am gonna try this in Don's circuit when I get a chance.

Thanks for your info ufo, also would like to build your little motor with the led, that was very smart, well done.


Hey Thug,

That was great!!
I am glad you have improved the circuit with the Cap with better results!
But mainly, thanks for coming back here and sharing your results with Us.

You could try the motor right off the primary also, and will notice a smooth acceleration as you tune up.

Also measure your consumption at the Input.

Just one question, what are your Coil spec's?...gauge and turns and resistance?
You are using pretty low voltage at input, so, should compensate Coil spec's accordingly.

Great, I am looking forward to your new testings!

Thanks, that little motor proved that there is NOT just ONE field, but TWO, another one of opposite direction-timing, and of much stronger effect, as well as showing there is an Induction in static mode, due to the changing fields, as it made Us understand Radiant "space" a bit better.

I am working on reviving-re-designing an old motor-generator from Nikola Tesla...but adapting this diodes set-up.

That was smart to add the Caps, it helps retain radiant in your cold side, great improvement!


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