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boost our own glutathione

Originally Posted by plcglobal View Post
You mentioned using NAC to raise glutathione, however, it is not the best way to do so. I have been using the only patented glutathione enhancer for over 10 years and it produces glutathione within the cell. I also drink alkaline ionized water from an ionizer for over 3.5 years. If you need further information on either contact me and I will share the information with you.
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NAC is one of many supplements that can boost glutathione. NAC's downfall is that it can cause stones so I agree, it is not the best.

However, there is no such thing as "the only patented glutathione enhancer". As I said, there are many and they all stimulate our own production of glutathione from our own cells.

NAC is one.

There are different wheat sprout complexes that have been around for years and they boost SOD, catalase as well as glutathione.

There is an herbal based combo claiming to be the "only" supplement that boosts glutathione, but the wheat sprout one has been around much longer.

ASEA - redox signaling molecules boosts SOD, catalase and glutathione as well. The difference is that ASEA not only boosts them but makes them 500% more effective, which is something that no other company in the world can claim. It provides an ample supply of reduced species molecules that can activate the antioxidants over and over and over. It is light years ahead of anything on the market - there is no competition.

All the above boost the body's own natural glutathione and are not exogenous sources of glutathione.

NAC, the wheat sprout complex, the herbal combo and the ASEA all stimulate the production of the body's own glutathione production. And, they are ALL patented. So when I see claims that there is "the only one" that is patented and boosts our own glutathione, I know it is false advertising as there are multiple ones available and have been available for many years.

It just happens that ASEA is the only one that can increase the effectiveness of our own glutathione - a world's first - and it is patented.
Aaron Murakami

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