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Thanks Matt for posting ur result and circuit. I can't wait to replicate, if I can find the parts , it's very hard to get transistors, resistors etc exactly having the same specs here in the Philippines

Anyways here the video uploads

the 3bat system test2 shows eratic reading behavior from my meters, this one is the burned 12 volt motor. bat1 and bat2 voltage is 11.82v, after shutting it off the meter read 11.52. but after 10 min. bat1 and bat2 recovered the gained voltage 12.05.

3bat system test2 - YouTube

3bat system test3 again shows unstable readings using digital meters if and only if I use the small 12 volt motor. its standing voltage is 12.05 now

3bat system test3 - YouTube

2Bat system test1, I've tried last night the 2 bat system, and it work wonderfully I tested it using 2 3volt motors, and the same effect happened
I think to make this effect happen the total voltage of bat1 and bat2 should be the same as your running motor. if bat1 and bat2 has a total of 12 volts then run it with a 12 volt motor or lesser. More CEMF is collected because the rpm is maximized using smaller motors. more CEMF is fed to the system. That's just thought though, I'm no expert just sharing

2bat system test1 - YouTube

@ Turion, the wires I'm using is I think Iron Wires, is a speaker wire I bought a long time ago, just wanted to use different materials for the conductors, I'm not using copper at the moment, I don't know if it helps but I'm just playing with the system. hoping something useful might pop and share with this forum.
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