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The book referenced by Mr. Dollard Physics and Mathematics in Electrical Communication by James Owen Perrine Ph. D., published 1958, is probably the best book I have ever read regarding conic sections, hyperbolic sine, cos, tan and exponential equations. If you can find this book I would highly recommend getting it for study and reference. (I picked up my secondhand copy from "betterworld books" on amazon. I don't know if its still in print, so you will probably have to look for a used copy like I did)

In the preface Mr. Perrine lists two books that inspired him to write his book, they are Calculus Made Easy by Silvanous Phillips Thompson and Exponentials Made Easy or the Story of Epsilon by M. E. J. Gheury de Bray. Both of which I have read and found to be great resources for study and reference material.

Two other books that might be of interest are Principles of Elliptic and Hyperbolic Analysis by Alexander MacFarlane and Aplication of Hyperbolic Functions to Electrical Engineering Problems by Arthur Edwin Kennelly.

Garrett M

In the bibliography (page 288 of Kennelly's Application of Hyperbolic Functions to Electrical Engineering Problems, 2nd Ed.), reference #18 is A. Macfarlanes's paper "Application of Hyperbolic Analysis to the Discharge of a Condenser." I extracted the paper from an old IEEE compilation, and posted a while back. Some one probably has a copy floating around here and might just drop a link to the pdf. Also, a record of the discussion session of the paper includes comments by Steinmetz and Kennelly.

Also, just to add to the excitement around Perrine's text, it's an unusual book in that it includes actual basic facts and circuit examples derived from an electrical engineering perspective. This text is a gem!