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Well, it's all out in the open. Now we just need a bunch of people to replicate and report in. I don't THINK Matt worried at all about balancing the loads with the setup he has, so it may work well enough that balancing is not an issue. I won't know until I get one up and running and see what it can do.

What completely baffles me is that we have such a simple setup that everybody who has tried it is getting positive results, and yet the vast majority of folks are just overlooking this. SO few people on the forum have even commented here. Either we have boatloads of lurkers, or we are being totally ignored. But it will be difficult to ignore when we have a few more working systems.

One thing Matt did say is he is using HUGE wires to connect his batteries...0 gauge if I am not mistaken, which is TWICE as thick as the #6 wire I am using for my setup. I may have to make my own by combining 2 number sixes stripped, put together, and wrapped with electrical tape.

He and I also talked about the fact that the LENGTH of the wire could make a difference and once I have a setup running I will experiment with increasing the lengths of the wire, possibly even coiling some to see if that affects output.

SO this is it guys. I think you have everything you need to build a successful setup. We should keep posting here and sharing info in case somebody comes up with something amazing to contribute.

I plan on getting Matt's schematic up and running and then seeing if I can still run large loads on Battery 3 and on the motor by balancing. I think a larger motor might produce spikes that are too high for the MJL, but I'll cross that bridge when I get to it.

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