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Hey all,
First the SFTS video and now Eric's Versor posts, I swear everytime there's new material it feels like Christmas! Thank you Eric for kindly distributing your knowledge openly to the public! The synchronicity in the world is amazing, the night that I came home from my maths lecture which introduced me to conic sections I come home to find Eric's lecture talking about them again. Just thinking out loud here but since it's becoming apparent that the geometry underlying the equations of conic sections is that of equal and opposite cones is this a link to Walter Russell's work (or twin opposing cones as he says)?

I have compiled all the parts into one big flv file but it is pretty big (~1.18GB) I don't have hosting anymore though If there is 16 hours of footage floating around I will very lovingly view every second of them, at least 3 times to stay true to the spirit of Tesla.

Don't take my word for it but one thing you might want to look at is your extra coil. If you have a look at the coils in these two pictures you'll notice that the coils windings are spaced out but the majority of your coil is bunched up;
Like I said I might be off the mark as I have been unable to start my TMT project but I have been reading on and the properties of the extra coil are critical.

Scribd account;