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Originally Posted by boguslaw View Post
Ok, now I think we can replace bad battery with a large capacitor, but custom made. Follow Tesla patent 567818. Just metal plates in concentrated salt solution.
Doesn't seem to be any difference between that patent and todays Aluminum Electrolyte capacitor.

I would first suggest learning how to properly destroy the battery you have availible.

The battery I am running the system off of is a 1100 CCA battery for a catepiller tractor. It was used for 8 years and died one winter after no activity for about 6 months.
The PH is Normal the Hydrometer does not give a reading, the battery holds about 3.5 volt standing and droips to nothing with 1 ohm resistor for a load.

The primary batts are 1500 cca Interstates tractor batteries
I'll also tell ya I am using a Razor Scooter Motor for both the motor and generator (Coming soon).
This is the 1 ohm 100 watt resistor but ceramic, but this is the equavalent
I have 1/0 wire with copper connectors to everything and real short leads to the motor/generator, and all copper connectors.

The motor free wheeling runs at 1.1 amp.

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