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First Build

So I've built a replica of Tesla's three coil system from the Colorado Springs notes. I took a couple of liberties, the main one being the fact that the primary and secondary are square, since my kitchen table was approximately the right size. I'm not opposed to building a circular form, I just figured I'd try the table first since it's convenient.

It's a one turn primary, 26 turn secondary system (kitchen table was close to the right size, but not perfect), approximately matched copper mass. Primary is 'O' wire, secondary is 14 gauge stranded speaker wire. There's research showing that stranded wire does better with higher frequencies than solid core, so I used it to maximize skin effect. The extra coil has a free resonance right at 1 Mhz and used 18 gauge speaker wire. The extra coil form is built of plastic. You need to use thick dowels so they don't bend. I used 1" diameter ABS from ebay and 1/4 inch PVC sheets for the base and top. All of my wire is plastic coated, rather than magnet wire, so it's easy to uncoil and rewrap the system.

The design works with AC or DC input, however the spark still looks like normal electricity. My goal is to produce the strange spark that Eric describes as folding onto itself in counterspace, but so far my system seems fairly normal. My spark gaps are magnetically quenched. I'm wondering if they need to be improved to get it to work right...