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Turion my imagination is running wild

But why can't you use a pot across bat 3? Seems like doing that will "balance" the load to the motor more easily. Taking it a step farther instead of across bat 3 why couldn't you install it between the negatives of bat 3 and bat 1 with diodes to block draining bat 1? Just asking.
Seems like if that will work it will help to keep the running bats charged.
Regardless if a pot works to balance the motor could you control the motor's speed? If so then hooking up an AC generator to the motor seems simple to me. Or maybe you could connect the generator directly and leave the motor out?
Just some wild random thoughts.
I am probably going have to wait until next week when I get paid to set up my own system.
I'm really tickled that so many are actually trying something that seems to work and is something I can visualize and follow along with and feel confident I can duplicate. So many threads here are way over my head.
Thanks again guys.
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