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something was found near the Pyrénées Mountains

Gates of Atlantis near Rennes le Chateau France - YouTube

The local French people near Rennes le Chateau referred to this area as the Gates of Atlantis. It is often associated with the famous Poussin painting 'The Shepherds of Arcadia' as being the backdrop landscape. The whole area looks incredibly odd from satellite imagery as seen here via Google Earth:
France- 'Step of the Rock', Pas de la Roque, near Rennes le Chateau

Gates of Atlantis / Avalon


Geoffrey of Monmouth called it in Latin Insula Avallonis in the Historia. In the later Vita Merlini he called it Insula Pomorum the "isle of apples". The name is generally considered to be of Welsh origin (though an Old Cornish or Old Breton origin is also possible), derived from Old Welsh abal, "apple", or aball, "apple tree" (in later Middle Welsh spelled aval, avall; now Modern Welsh afal, afall).[1][2][3][4] In Breton, apple is spelled "aval"/ "avaloù" in plural. It is also possible that the tradition of an "apple" island among the British was influenced by Irish legends concerning the otherworld island home of Manannán mac Lir and Lugh, Emain Ablach (also the Old Irish poetic name for the Isle of Man),[1] where Ablach means "Having Apple Trees"[5] – derived from Old Irish aball ("apple")—and is similar to the Middle Welsh name Afallach, which was used to replace the name Avalon in medieval Welsh translations of French and Latin Arthurian tales). All are etymologically related to the Gaulish root *aballo- (as found in the place name Aballo/Aballone, now Avallon in Burgundy) and are derived from a Common Celtic *abal- "apple", which is related at the Proto-Indo-European level to English apple, Russian jabloko, Latvian abele, et al.[6

side note : a while back i did mention that my comic book (which is on hold for now )
has many parallels to this research (wrote it before this discussion )

the Name AARK means ROOTS in Arabic ... not only that but the hero was a member of the Haschischins ...just a bit weird for synchronicity

ps I intended it to have 12 Chapters
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