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It is obvious that some individuals do not have the slightest clue as to what the second amendment and the constitution are all about. Listening to them, one would assume that the second amendment was written to protect a personís right to own and collect guns. It was not. Or that it was written to protect the right of a person to go target shooting or for hunting so as to put food on the table. It was not.

Others have stated that the founders of the constitution did not intend that the public should have access the latest high tech weapons. They did not.

Some have assumed that the word militia referred to the army or police and only these agencies should have possession of guns. This is wrong. Plus it is absurd to think that a special amendment would be needed to allow the military and police to be armed.

According to the founders if you were a citizen, 17 years old and of sound mind and body, you then were automatically part of the militia. As such you then were allowed to keep and own the newest high tech weapons available, which at that time was a flintlock rifle.

However one of the founders of the constitution, James Mason, had a slightly different definition of the word militia. His went like this. You still had to be citizen, 17 years old and in sound mind and body, but you could not be a politician elected to office. Think about that, it speaks volumes about their mind set and where they where coming from when they were writing the constitution. They had absolutely no problem with the average citizen owning guns but wisely did not trust guns in the hands of politicians or the government. Just the opposite of what is being advocated today.

Thus the reason for the second amendment existence is to protect the first amendment and the rest of the constitution. It does this by allowing citizens, as a last resort, a means of protecting themselves from their government if it runs completely astray.

This is the right that we are now being conditioned to give up. All that is required is that you must put complete trust in the government and are willing to become a slave and do exactly whatever you are told.
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